Co-op Plays Cool Jellybean Tax Game


Allison of Oregon, let us know about a fun American history game her homeschool group played using Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  To learn about taxation without representation in the Colonial era, they started by playing the roles of King George, Parliament, and a tax collector.

Each student started with a cup full of jellybeans. Then the student playing the role of a member of British Parliament stood and read off specific items of clothing, and an associated number.  If a student was wearing a listed item like “jeans,” that number of jellybeans would be given up.

Quickly the unfair nature of the taxing system in Colonial America became clear, as all jellybeans were given up to taxes.  The next day, when the students role-played Colonists versus King George and Great Britain, the debate became heated! It appears the young colonists were none too happy about the taxes – would a Revolution happen soon? We will have to wait to hear more from Allison, who said the students all learned a lot and had fun!