Family Connects through the Rush Revere Series


We recently spoke with homeschool mom Liz, who told us a lovely story about the Rush Revere Series crossing generations. You see, Liz’s father, who adored author Rush Limbaugh, passed away and was never able to meet her children, including son Isaiah.

For Christmas, Liz gave Rush Revere books to the young man, who smiled politely when opening the gift, but was probably thinking – why a book mom? It was emotional for Liz to read a chapter a night to Isaiah, and to share the work of an author her father loved.  Soon, though, he was laughing at Liberty’s jokes, and even asked his mom to read more chapters when his sisters were asleep.

After a few weeks, they completed the book and kept right on reading.  “Isaiah is learning about the White House right now,” Liz recently said, “My dad would have been so proud of him.”