A Colonial Field Trip With Rush Revere

Homeschool Family of the Month – June 2017

Isn’t this a fantastic photo? This is Melanie and her brother and sister from Baltimore, Maryland in front of the Governor’s Palace during homeschool week in Williamsburg, Virginia! Before they visited they read Rush Revere and the American Revolution in their homeschool group so they would know more about the colonial time period. Melanie is really funny too! She said that her favorite room was “the ballroom and the large portraits of the King and Queen on the wall, not that the Patriots liked them much!” That is so hilarious, Liberty is laughing his head off!

We called Melanie’s mom and learned more about their homeschool group. They are part of a co-op of 11 families made up of 40 children. They used the Rush Revere curriculum and it helped them pass literary reviews. They really like the way the stories are written and how they “engage and keep the kids’ attention.” All have recently read book 5, and as they live near Washington, D.C., they are excited to follow the adventures to see the National Archives and Fort McHenry. Don’t forget to try Liberty’s Top Secret Mission: OPERATION MILK SHAKE, and have fun!