Ready to Time-Travel With Liberty!

Homeschooler of the Month – September 2017

David of Maryland is an exceptional homeschooler who someday dreams of becoming an inventor. Some of his hobbies include piano, baseball, ice hockey, and Legos. But more than anything, David is a book lover and history fanatic… definitely the perfect match for the Rush Revere series! David’s mom told us that he loves to learn about America, and enjoys drawing historical figures as well. She told us about an awesome Revolutionary War History camp he attended this summer and how he got to recreate battle scenes. So cool!

Check out David dressed up in colonial clothing. Do you think he is about to go back in time with Liberty and needs to dress up to fit in? Hey, wait is he a red coat and working with Elizabeth? “Oh, boy,” says Liberty, this one is tricky! Just kidding David, you look awesome! Freedom is particularly impressed.