Rushing to Fort McHenry with Liberty!

Homeschool Family of the Month – November 2017

Our homeschool friends Sawyer, Miles, and Eliot went on a trip to Fort McHenry and all over Baltimore with their family. These history lovers checked out the canons and learned all about the Battle of Fort McHenry! Eliot even drew us a special picture of the scene. He is an artist just like Maddie and Freedom! The best part is the boys had their aunt read Rush Revere and the American Revolution in order to go on the trip. They didn’t want her to feel left out when they already knew all of the cool facts. Liberty thinks that is AMAZING!

We are so happy to hear that the boys brought their Liberty plush with them. Liberty thinks he may want to go along next time. He is a little worried about fitting on a plane, but he thinks it would be worth it to experience such a cool trip!