Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh and all of us at the Adventures of Rush Revere Series are proud to support the homeschool mission nationwide. We absolutely love hearing from you and sharing your great stories with other homeschool families! Below are some of our favorites along with homeschool event dates featuring the Revere Series!

FULL WIDTH: Rush Revere at Homeschool Conferences Around USA!

Rush Revere at Homeschool Conferences Around USA!

 MARCH – JULY 2017

Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh and all of us at the Adventures of Rush Revere Series are proud to support the homeschool mission nationwide. This year, we partnered with The Alliance and will be sponsoring homeschool conferences throughout the United States. Look out for special offers from us at the events below. See you there!

Homeschool Events List - Click Here!

IAHE – Indianapolis, IN – March 24-25

NCHEA – Lincoln, NE – March 31-April 1

MACHE – St. Paul, MN – April 20-22

CAPE-NM – Albuquerque, NM – April 20-22

OCHEC – Oklahoma City, OK – May 5-6

THSC – Arlington, TX – May 11-13

MHEA – Starkville, MS – May 19-20

INCH – Lansing, MI – May 18-20

FPEA – Kissimmee, FL – May 25-27

NICHE – Coralville, IA – June 1-3

CHOIS – Nampa, ID – June 2-3

HOW – Powell, WY – June 2-3

HEAV – Richmond, VA – June 8-10

OCEANetwork – Portland, OR – June 23-24

CHEF of Alabama – Birmingham, AL – June 30-July 1

AFHE – Phoenix, AZ – July 7-8

CHEA – Pasadena, CA – July 13-15

THSC – The Woodlands, TX – July 20-22

FULL WIDTH: No Sleep Till Plymouth!

No Sleep Till Plymouth!


Melissa of Utah shared a great story about her homeschooling family with us. She told us that she began re-reading Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to her young children at night. Apparently, they really love the series, because Melissa found her nine-year-old son reading it to the younger ones in bed her bed while they were supposed to be getting ready for school! Melissa said, “It’s a good thing they’re homeschooled!” That is so funny!

Melissa is excited to expand their Rush Revere Library, and she thanked the authors for “making history fun,” saying that “never before has history held their attention.” She noted that this is especially important as they are a military family. Thank you so much for speaking with us Melissa and for your family’s service to our country. Keep reading and sharing these wonderful stories!

FULL WIDTH: Allison Uses Acting to Bring History to Life

Allison Uses Acting to Bring History to Life


Our friend Allison from Oregon is a middle school homeschool teacher. She uses the Rush Revere books with her groups to inspire the students using acting! She makes the stories into a living drama, which really impresses the Crew, especially Liberty who is a natural actor. In fact, he is thinking of a visit to Hollywood, maybe to star in a Western. Anyway, Allison “LOVES finding ways to make history come alive for kids.” Well it certainly sounds like you are doing that Allison- well done. Super glad that lots of hours of work was saved for you. That’s great!

FULL WIDTH: Lynn, Homeschool Teacher and ‘History Nerd’

Lynn, Homeschool Teacher and ‘History Nerd’


Lynn is really funny. She called herself a history nerd! Rush Revere really liked hearing that because people sometimes think he is a little odd for wearing Colonial clothing in modern day. We don’t think he is odd though, as we know he does it to teach kids about history! Lynn let us know that her homeschool co-op students’ imaginations come to life after reading the Adventures of Rush Revere. They run outside to play and she hears them shouting “Rush…rush…rushing to history!” I guess this worked, because the students know about American history and can even explain the Stamp Act and other bits of history. So cool!

FULL WIDTH: Family Connects through the Rush Revere Series

Family Connects through the Rush Revere Series


We recently spoke with homeschool mom Liz, who told us a lovely story about the Rush Revere Series crossing generations. You see, Liz’s father, who adored author Rush Limbaugh, passed away and was never able to meet her children, including son Isaiah.

For Christmas, Liz gave Rush Revere books to the young man, who smiled politely when opening the gift, but was probably thinking – why a book mom? It was emotional for Liz to read a chapter a night to Isaiah, and to share the work of an author her father loved.  Soon, though, he was laughing at Liberty’s jokes, and even asked his mom to read more chapters when his sisters were asleep.

After a few weeks, they completed the book and kept right on reading.  “Isaiah is learning about the White House right now,” Liz recently said, “My dad would have been so proud of him.”